Friday, September 21, 2007

Conclusion of the observation

While I was observing peoples action, I was thinking about reactions from the machines. Communicating with machines, there is no option. For example, when you charge your card, if machine spew your money, we cannot ask it Why? What is the problem? Finally, we repeat same action until machine responds to our actions. When we use devices it might not work as we expected or there can be some mistakes between machines and people. But like these situations, devices cannot accept these unexpected situations. They are just demanding expected actions over and over. In other words, when we use the machine there is no real interactivity; there are only determined situations Many people already know their expected action using digital devices and also machines expect that actions. But if there are some problems, we are totally stuck. Machines make us save lots of time, but sometimes we have to be patient to communicate with machines.

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