Friday, September 21, 2007

Depth Observation_NYU Card Charger

I went to the basement to do my laundry with my roommate. When we arrived at the laundry room, she stood in front of the card charger. What she was doing with this machine was like this:

Have you ever seen this machine? This is NYU card Charger.

First step, she looked at the machine and read messages.
Machine said "Choose Option:
Add value to your NYUCard or Check account balances."
She pushed upper button to choose first one.

Then, machine showed second step: "would you like a receipt?"
She pushed No button.

Third step was showed: "Please swipe card."
She swiped her card.

Machine showed forth step: "Insert bill below."
She tried to put $5 but machine returned her money.
She did again but machine return her money again.
She did again and finally machine got her $5.

And machine said fifth step then she pushed bottom button.

Machine showed last message. It showed balance of her card.
As she pushed exit button, all peosses were done.

Whole processes were consisted of 5 steps. What only she did was ‘standing’, ‘swiping’,‘reading the messages from the machine’, ‘putting her money again and again’ and ‘leaving the machine.’ And she took 3 minutes to do it.

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