Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Final | Let's play!

Final | The final puzzle

Finally we got a completed puzzle! This project is one of my favorites. I learned a lot and had fun a lot. It is neater than I expected.

Final | to get better projections

We were done all installations and everything was working but we faced an unexpected problems. Projected images on the cubes were not clear because of reflections so it was really hard to recognize what images showed. In fact, you can see the projected picture on the cube, but it was not enough to play this puzzle. But we still wanted to keep clear plastic cubes to show bits. So we were looking for some suitable materials, we decided to put vellums on the top of the cube. Vellums were really helpful to get an clear image. And the images projected on the vellums looked good! We were satified with this.

An image without vellums.

And we put vellums like a picture, we got more clear and beautiful images on the cubes.

Final | Installations

Here is a diagram about our installation. First of all, we hung a projector on the ceiling, and adjusted height of the tray to make a screen fit on the cubes.

Final | images and quotes

4 completed images in the puzzle

Image A

Image B

Image C

Image D

4 quotes about conciousness (from "User Illusion")

"We are conscious of one sensory modality at a time- one kind of sense:hearing, seeing, feeling or tasting."

"To be aware of an experience means that it has passed"

"The eye sends at least 10 million bits to the brain every second. The skin sends a million bits a second, the ear one hundred thousand, our smell sensors a further one hundred thousand bits a second, our taste buds perhaps a thousand bits a second."

"Every single second, millions of bits of information flood in through our senses. But our consciousness processes only perhaps forty bits a second - at most."