Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Final | construction - a tray

First of all, Estee cut the wood as a suit size and I started making this tray with a lot of wires. I made 256 hole on the tray, 4 holes for each switch, and inserted a wire from the backside of the tray to the frontside, banded it and pushed it from the frontside to backside. I repeated it 128 times because each switch needed 2 wires. My fingurs were almost dead. It was really painful. Fianlly, I got 64 beautiful switches like a picture.

Here is one more issue. Initially we used small crosses to divide each position for each cube looked like a below picture, but it did not help users notice where they could place cubes on the tray. In order to guide how to place cubes, we needed more certain dividers, so I got rid of all old ones and made new ones like a grid. And it worked well!

Frontside of the tray was neat but on the backside, all wires were all the mess. Even though I used different colors to distingush which wires go to which positions, it was really hard to control all wires.

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