Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Final | Ideas

After midterm, thinking about my final, Estee suggested me to join her. I was very interested in her ideas so luckily I could work with her. A few days after we stared working on the final, Seanita wanted to join us so the final members for this project got all three of us - Estee, Seanita and myself. The concept of our project was inspired by pcomp reading - the bandwidth of consciousness, from "user illusion."

"The conscious mind is capable of processing somewhere between 16 and 40 bits of Information (ones and zeroes) per second, whereas the unconscious can handle no fewer than 11 million bits per second. We are thus aware of less than a millionth of all the Information that our brains process."
Karl-Erik Sveiby

It was really interesting that we are just aware of few information even though we take in a lot of information (more than 11 million bits!) per second and that is why
we wanted to represent the relationship between unconscious and conscious bits of information. Having a long discussion, we decided to use 16 clear cubes to express the information that we are conscious of and fill them with 11 million punched paper dots to say the information that we take in per second. At the same time coming up with the ideas about cubes, we thought 16 cube could be a puzzle. So we chose a puzzle as an interactive and physical way to present our ideas. Each cube will be one piece of the puzzle and have a part of the image. So if users put all 16 cubes on the tray, they will get a scrambled image and start a puzzle.

These are main keywords of this project : 16 clear plastic cubes, 11 million bits and a puzzle.

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